3 Day Workshop on "Logic Building Using Python"

2/10/2022 12:00:00 AM

Date: 10/02/2022 -12/02/2022

The Department of Information technology (IT), International School of Management successfully conducted a 3-day Workshop on Logic Building Using Python from 10th February to 12th February with a mission to instill the love for programming in the young generation and vision to bring IT ecosystem in Bihar.
As per scheduled time, the workshop commenced with Welcome by Moderator Ms. Raj Sinha, Asst. Prof., Deptt of IT, ISM. The theme of the workshop was introduced and its rationality explained by Mr. R. Dayal, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of IT, ISM.
Mr. Bhaskar Ghosh, Technology Expert and Head of Learning at Tech Build Patna, Former Sr. Project Leader at Oracle (Hyderabad), was the resource person of this workshop. In the inaugural session of this programme, the participants became acquainted with the theme and objectives of this workshop as to make aware of the versatility and uses of Python ranging from programmers and data scientists to journalists, small business owners, or social media marketers.

Key highlights are:
1. Logic Building Techniques to develop the knack of Problem Solving Basics of Programming through Python.
2. Practical example source code
3. Initial Evaluation through a time-bound test
4. Ongoing Evaluation through Assignments, Participation and Quiz

The first day session was introduced by Ms. Pooja from Tech Build. The session was followed by an online Assessment of 20 questions of theory and 10 questions of programming.

On the second day, after giving initial input of Python as a Programming Language Mr. Ghosh imparted knowledge of developing code on the foundation of erecting logic to the participants in a very simplified and pragmatic way. He emphasized the significance of developing logic to solve the problem of coding in Python. Through his interactive method of presentation he demonstrated various steps to get logical accuracy in programming. The students of BCA of the institute as target participants were very interested in solving tasks in a given time throughout the workshop.

On the third day, the session was concluded by an online assessment after the deliberations, The result was shared to the participants through a google form response. After assessment Mr. Bhaskar Ghosh and Dr. Tapan Kant addressed the students with a group discussion session followed by doubts clearance session. In the session With active cooperation of Mrs. VandanaVerma and the IT team of ISM, this three-day long workshop moderated by Assistant Prof. Mrs. Raj Sinha, was wrapped up with the vote of thanks proposed by coordinator of the programme, Assistant Prof., Mrs. Jaya Kumari.