International Conference on Emerging Trends in Cyber World

10/30/2021 12:00:00 AM

Date :29th and 30th October 2021
Observing National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), ISM organized a two-day International Conference on Emerging Trends in Cyber World (ICETCW 2021) on 29-30October, in both offline and online modes. The purpose of this conference was to enlighten the students of computer science, cyber security, and cyber law about fundamentals of cyber world, recent ethical and unethical developments in this sector and also make general public aware of cybercrime, cyber threats and security measures. Main topics such as critical infrastructure security, emerging cyber threats, incidents, challenges and responses were discussed during this two-day conference.

The programme was inaugurated by Vice Chairman of ISM, Shri Deval Singh and Secretary, Shri Amal Singh. After the welcome address by Dr. Priyadarshini, Domain Leader of the IT Department of ISM and Secretary of the programme. The Program coordinator and Head of Department, Mr. Rajeshwar Dayal, summed up the main theme of the entire programme very vividly. After that, the chief moderator of the conference, Mrs. Raj Sinha, announced the online programme operation.The first online session of the key note speakers was moderated by Mrs. Vandana Verma.

The keynote speakers for the first session were Dr. B. Prabhu Kavin, Assistant Professor at Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Chennai, , Dr. Nishu Sharma, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jyoti Vidyapeeth Womens University, Jaipur and Dr. Sunita Bhati, Assistant Professor, Jyoti Vidyapeeth Womens University, Jaipur expressed their views on Cyber Security Awareness, Cyber Crime and its Threats, Cryptography and Network Security.

The first key speaker Dr. B. Prabhukavin explained about the importance of cyber security. In his keynote speech he added how we can avoid the threats and what guidelines user should follow when we generate a password and credentials. At the end of the session he cleared the doubt of participants.

The next keynote speaker was Dr. Sumita Bhati discussed about asymmetric encryption model and also explained how it is important to encrypt and decrypt the messages. She also added the role of Multi level encryption model.

The last keynote speaker was Ms. Raj Sinha, explained what is the exact meaning of cyber security, its importance, objective and different cybercrimes. She ended her session after explaining about the cyber security law in India.

In the first technical session under the chairmanship of Dr. Ruchi Kshatriya Patel, Assistant Professor, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, moderated by Mr. Mukesh Kumar. Teachers and research scholars from many universities across the country presented their papers and discussed about the development of cyber world and the new challenges related to it like the impact of the Covid Pandemic on the Indian online education, machine learning life cycle etc.

On the second day of the conference, BCA 1st, 3rd and 5th semester students of ISM presented their views on many important emerging issues related to cyber security.

The second session of the keynote speakers was moderated by Mrs. Raj Sinha. In which keynote speakers Dean of Technical University Melaka, Malaysia, Professor, Dr. Rabiah Ahmed, Assistant Professor at School of Computer Science and Engineering VIT, of AP University, Dr. Gokulnath K. and Professor of Mental Health, Department of Kings George Medical University, Lucknow UP. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, apprised the participants about their views on cyber world.While discussing the major points like the dangers of information technology, cloud security and cyber psychology, they opined that that the increasing technological facilities has provided a special world created to cyber criminals, which has become a major threat in the development of the world.The second phase of the technical session was conducted by Mrs. Jaya Kumari under the chairmanship of Dr. Prabhu Kavin. In this session the researchers of several premier colleges and university across the country presented their papers on security and challenges of e-consumer, modern research related to cyber security, oppression of women in cyber space, IoT based security, automotive development in the field of hacking and Jamtara as a cybercrime capital of India. In the address of valedictory session, Shri Rajeshwar Dayal highlighted the important points of presented by the key speakers, paper presenters of the technical session and the students of ISM very vividly, and offered gratitude for their intellectual contribution to all on behalf of the institute. Eventually best three presenters among the students were felicitated by the dignitaries present on the occasion. The two-day long conference was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Assistant Professor, Mr. Amar Kumar.