Top College for BComp in Bihar
27 May 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Studying B.Com Professional course from ISM Patna

B.Com Professional is a very career-oriented education in India, as it is in other countries, where students are schooled in all facets of business and entrepreneurship. As a result, like many academic programmes, the applicants will be prepared to handle challenges while also providing a fresh perspective on the subject.

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Top College for BMC in Bihar
16 May 2022

How Bachelor in Mass Communication Course at ISM in Patna Boost Your Career

Do you love communication with educative and top minds of the world? Do you want to be able to question people without fear? The world of the media is strenuous and informative. The technology has transformed of how we consume media. It's the shift through listening on radio to the morning newspaper or watching the evening news on television, to on our smart phones.

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Top College for BCA in Bihar
10 May 2022

Why We Are the Top College for BCA in Bihar

Digital media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others have now become the new communication channels that allow human engagement, thanks to the huge and quick growth of the internet. Computer and mobile applications have played an increasingly important part in the digital transformation in recent years.

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Benefits of Learning Mass Communication
25 Apr 2022

Benefits of Learning Mass Communication Course from ISM Patna

ISM Patna's mass communication course opens up Journalism, Public Relations, and Reporting opportunities. Students are taught how to make and present news on radio and television. Talented students can produce, direct, and frequently perform, showcasing their incredible talent. Video editing offers advanced technology and equipment to help students make video news bulletins.

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15 Apr 2022

Earning Potential BBA course V/S B com Professional

The need for management and business education is growing as Indian markets continue to change. Today managers are playing an essential role in business regardless of any industry. So, after an in-depth review of the present situation, educational institutions are now introducing new courses focused on careers that cater to the requirements of the evolving global economy.

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Digital Marketing and AI
07 Apr 2022

Importance of Pursuing BCA Course for a Career in Digital Marketing and AI

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course is one of the most adopted Under Graduate (UG) courses for students after the 12th standard. The course duration for BCA is 3 years, and it gives students extensive knowledge about computer fundamentals, programming languages, information security, web development, and database system. The addition of programming languages like C++, java, and more in the BCA syllabus help students in becoming a specialist in the field of Information technology. ISM Patna is one of the best colleges to study BCA.

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BBA Course Verses MBA
30 Mar 2022

BBA course v/s MBA: All You Need to Know

BBA Stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, whereas MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration, as both courses are different and provide a distinct level of professional education. When it comes to course duration, BBA is a 3 years long bachelor's degree course, whereas MBA is 2 years long course that one can go for completing the bachelor's degree. BBA syllabus holds a basic knowledge that makes students corporate ready. The nature of education and the utility of both degrees has a considerable difference. Here we are providing a complete detailed comparison between BBA and MBA courses.

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Scope of B.Com (Professional)
24 Mar 2022

Importance of Pursuing BCA Course in the Digital World

With the advancement of technology and shift towards digitalization with the internet, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming a way of interaction and networking links. Smartphones and applications connect you with the world and even save your time by providing online shopping destinations for all needs. The major contribution is digital evolution is played by computers and applications available. Thanks to coding and programming that make this application software. These coding serve as the language for the applications and computers in this digital world.

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Scope of B.Com (Professional)
15 Mar 2022

Scope of B.Com (Professional) Degree in Multinational Companies

An undergraduate course B.Com(Professional), that includes accounting, finance, economics, financial matters, marketing, and more, provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge about different management skills and a basic understanding of the law, taxation, e-commerce, and accounting. These skills are crucial for the management of most of the multinational companies (MNCs). Graduates from (professional) can grab multiple job opportunities in MNCs, and their requirements are everywhere, including private and public sectors.

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Benefits of Pursuing BBA
10 Mar 2022

Benefits of pursuing BBA from the top B-college in Patna

Business management and administration are the backbones of any business's success story, and the drivers of these are professionals who invest their expertise in efficiently managing the business. Business management entails using a company's available resources to run and expand the organization's operations while also ensuring efficient delivery of services to the company's clientele. Whereas, Business administration ensures that various company operations such as finance, marketing, accounting, information technology management, projects, and branding run smoothly on a daily basis.

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Scope of BBA Degree in Retail Sector
04 Mar 2022

Scope of BBA Degree in Retail Sector

Bachelor of Business Administration offers various career options and job opportunities for the students in the industry-driven companies and the corporate world. With the business market rapidly growing, the number of job opportunities are increasing for business graduates. Even in the retail sector, BBA courses have proved to be very beneficial with plethora of job options.

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BSc in Computer Science vs BCA Course
24 Feb 2022

BSc in Computer Science vs BCA Course

Every sector in today’s world has an involvement of computers and it has totally revolutionized the scope of work based on computer applications. In recent times, the IT and computer-based companies have grown on a large scale and has created a lot of job opportunities.

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Benefits of studying BCA
15 Feb 2022

The Top 7 Benefits of Studying BCA

In this age of computers and everything being digitalized, BachelorComputer Applications (BCA) gives students to develop skills and information not only about computer and information technology but also in communication, organization and management.That’s why, there has been a great demand to study BCA course for a long time due to greater opportunities it offers students to go ahead in their career.

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Why you should pursue PGDM in 2022?
10 Feb 2022

Why you should pursue PGDM in 2022?

In the business and corporate world, there is demand for business leaders with cutting edge leadership skills. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a practical course that focuses on internships, organization study and on-job projects.

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Which BBA colleges provide the best placements in Bihar?
31 Jan 2022

Which BBA colleges provide the best placements in Bihar?

A bachelor's degree in business administration(BBA) offers a promising career in business and provides opportunities for market-oriented jobs with high packages. Today, with increasing demand for business professionals, it has been seen that the BBA course is opted by the students on a large scale. Students belonging to any stream can easily pursue higher education in business administration by studying BBA course.

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Career Options after BCom Professionals
25 Jan 2022

Career Options after Professionals

A majority of the students coming from commerce backgrounds usually opt for professional courses. There are different career options for students after pursuing a professional course. Universities and colleges like ISM Patna provide a 3-year degree course.

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Journalism_vs_ Mass_Communication
21 Jan 2022

Journalism vs Mass communication

The study of disseminating information to a large audience via various modes of communication is known as mass communication. Whereas, Journalism is the activity of writing about current events for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. It encompasses radio and television reporting.

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13 Jan 2022

BBA – Your First Step to the Business World

BBA is a three-year undergraduate business management course that teaches students managerial and entrepreneurial skills through BBA Subjects. BBA courses are available in a variety of specializations, including finance, marketing, and human resource management. Now taught in the Best BBA colleges in Patna, the BBA degree is available to students from all disciplines, including the arts, sciences, and commerce.

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11 Jan 2022

Prospects of Journalism in today's world

Journalism is fundamentally the act of gathering information and delivering it to the public. Hence, every news you read, hear or watch is a product of journalistic work. The main motive behind journalism is to inform the people about what is going on around the world.Today, the actual meaning of journalism has changed and with time it has evolved to widen its scope at different platforms like the digital news, radio, television, websites, newspapers and social media.

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21 Dec 2021

Why choose ISM for BCA course ?

The IT sector may be a major employment supplier within the country and it's expected to grow within the coming years. Because of this, the requirement for IT professionals has adult considerably. The BCA courses at International School of Management are concentrated on educating the students in programming, networking, software development, etc.

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